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About Us

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McKinley Cooperative Preschool 

McKinley Cooperative Preschool is owned and operated by the parents of the children enrolled in our school.

Here at McKinley we offer a developmental program with emphasis on providing an environment that encourages each child's natural curiosity and creativity. We believe that the group experience of the school will increase independence and socialization skills.



The preschool is licensed by the State of Michigan, Department of Social Services, and must meet all the requirements of that governmental agency.

Benefits of McKinley Cooperative Preschool

  • Parents gain with teacher techniques

  • Your Child Will: 

    • Build Self-esteem

    • Enhance Socialization Skills

    • Learn Through Play

    • Make Decisions

    • Solve Problems

    • Express Themselves Creatively in Language and Art

  • High Adult/Child Ratio

  • Enables you to be a part of your child’s education

  • Affordable Tuition

  • Parents gain Teaching Techniques

Upcoming Events:
Existing Family Registration- Feb 26
New Family Registration- March 1
Open House- 03/19/23 @ 6pm
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